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Flexible Sideview+TOP+Sideview Led-strip warm white 110 Watt / 5m, Dimensions 4950 x 19 x 2,8 mm

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Flexible Sideview+TOP+Sideview Led-strip warm white 110 Watt / 5m, Dimensions 4950 x 19 x 2,8 mm
307.95 / Roll(s)

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LED-strip in warm white, corresponds to a normal incandescent light

The attachment is via the Rear-3M adhesive film.

Technical Datas:


PCB-Typ Braking points Beam angle LED

Color temperatur


Led´s per Meter Power per Meter

Light output

Lumen / m



Color rendering index


Working voltage Total Power Total current

FPC, white


all 63 mm 120°     3000      +/- 200 288, (96 TOP), (192 Side) 22Watt 1056, (384 Top), 336 Sideper direction) 48 >60 24V DC 110 Watt 4,58 Ampere


Aditional Informations:


  RoHS    IP33  

This product meets the

requirements of the Directives 2004/108/EC 

and 2006/95/EC, and is 

authorized to bear the CE mark.

This product is suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces. Normally flammable surfaces are building materials such as wood and wood-based materialswith more than 2mm thick.
This product is suitable for mounting on or in furniture, consisting of materials withunknown flammability.

Class 3:

Protection against

electric shock relies 

on the application of

the safety extra low voltage (SELV). 

This product generates 

no voltage higher than the low voltage protection.

Marking of electrical

and electronic equipment 

for the electronics Electrical

and Electronic Equipment Act, which determine when

disposing waste material collectionand recycling centers are to be fed, so that the contained materials and componentssafely disposed of or recycled and reused ressorce arm then can be.

RoHS collectively, 

the EC Directive 

2002/95/EC on the prohibition of certainsubstances in the manufacture and processing of electrical and electronic equipmentand components.

IP (franz. Internationale Protection)

International Isoliation class:

This article is protected against ingress of solid foreign bodies> 2.5mm (tools andwires are kept away) and against water spray up to 60 ° to the normal operating position.


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Prices include 19% VAT, plus delivery

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