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Important customer information

Important Note on disposal of batteries and accumulators
Every consumer is under the German law by law to return all batteries charged andused batteries or rechargeable batteries. The disposal of household waste isprohibited. Since even for products in our range include batteries, or can be located in delivery, we will point out that:

Used batteries and accumulators should not be in the trash. Old batteries can chargeto the public collection of the community and be delivered anywhere where batteries of the same type are sold. If you have purchased batteries from us, you can make in our store for disposal. (legal obligation to take back)

They therefore make an important contribution to environmental protection!

Pollutant-containing batteries or accumulators are labeled with the following symbolsto indicate the household waste-disposal ban. Under the sign is the chemical symbol (Cd = cadmium, Hg = mercury, Pb = lead) specified for the heavy metal: