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Privacy policy


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The protection of your personal information is extremely important. Your trust means a lot, and we do everything we can to get it. The ASD-GmbH is therefore working in a special way to ensure compliance with data protection online. Please read our Privacy Policy below to understand how your personal information will be treated when you take our internet offer. The ASD-GmbH reserves the right to change this policy at any time in compliance with data protection regulations.

What is personal data?
Personal information is information that can be used explicitly to determine your identity. This includes information such as your name, address, postal address, phone number. Information that is not directly related to your real identity, such as favorite websites or number of site users are not here under.

Where personal data is collected?
They will request your name, first name and other personal information, if you want to use the online shop of the ASD-GmbH, which requires the registration. These areas are ordering and shop, opinions, delivery status, and newsletters.

Note on the use of cookies
In this shop are stored in the cookie information on the contents of your shopping cart, which can be accessed during your next visit. If you register with us or place an order, we need your customer data. If you are a customer / client of us, you can simply log on your e-mail address and personal password. The data stored in a cookie saves you time when filling out the forms. You can manage in your browser program to accept cookies from this site and if necessary block.

Where do I enter and edit my personal data?
Whenever the registration is necessary for the use of certain services will be opened when clicking on the offer, a log-in window. In this log-in window you need, when you are not already registered, enter your personal information. Changes to your personal data any time you can make in the log-in area. Of course, we give you information about your data spoked. Should you wish, we will delete your information from our database.

How your personal information be used?
The ASD-GmbH is your data to third parties, unless we have obtained your express consent. We appreciate the trust you place in us, and make exercise adequate caution to protect your personal information. The ASD-GmbH will compile internal investigations concerning the demography, interests and behavior of the user / interior based on the data at our disposal through the registry or from our server logs. This allows us to accommodate your specific preferences and thus to improve our services.

What is provided regarding the disclaimer for our partners? 

 We point out that cooperation partner of the ASD-GmbH, to have our web page courting advertisers and other Internet sites and services that are accessible through the ASD GmbH, own privacy policies. The ASD-GmbH assumes no responsibility or liability for these sites and the applicable directives and procedures.

What else you should know about privacy?
Please remember that personal information that you voluntarily provide online known, for example, in reviews or by e-mail can be collected and used by others. That is, if you send in areas with public access personal information online, you may receive unsolicited messages from others. Please make yourself on the confidentiality of your password and you act careful and responsible online.

What data is collected on this site and how they deal with your data?
This Web site uses etracker technology (www.etracker.com) to collect visitor behaviour data. This data is collected anonymously to be used for marketing and optimisation purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data is not personally identifiable. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and is not aggregated with any personal data. The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time with respect to subsequent services.